Rabu, 28 Maret 2012

Harga Toyota Yaris 2012

Harga Toyota Yaris New 2012

Aggressive and stylish, Toyota New Yaris, displaying a refreshing exterior design front & rear bumper, especially for type E and S in aeromudguard with a new design in order to strengthen the sporty impression. Rear Combination Lamp, this time appear more attractive to use New LED Lamp.

new yaris facelift 2012new yaris 2012 facelift

Toyota Yaris Prices in Surabaya as of March 14, 2012
J Manual 194,750,000
J Automatic 205,300,000
E Manual 204,300,000
E Automatic 214,900,000
S Manual TRD 217,200,000
S Automatic Limited 228,450,000
S Automatic Limited TRD 233,050,000

* Prices above are tentative, subject to change without prior notice.
Note: To search for prices in other cities, please click here

What's New on Yaris 2012 :
- New Front TRD Sportivo Bumper Spoiler
- New Rear TRD Sportivo Bumper Spoiler
- New TRD Sportivo Rear Spoiler
- New Front and Rear Bumper Design
- New Fog lamp cover garnish
- New Rear LED Combination lamp
- New Exhaust Tailpipe
- New Auto-lock Speed Sensor
- New Parking Sensor
- New Steering Wheel

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